N.B. UUSDN Spriritual Directors are available to UUWellspring participants. UUSDN does not administer UUWellspring, but this program is a valuable resource.

“What will you do with this one wild and precious life?” asks the poet Mary Oliver.

UUWellspring™ is a 10-month program of distinctly Unitarian Universalist spiritual development designed to help participants answer that provocative question. Begun in 2005, the program celebrates the depth and breadth of our rich religious tradition.

UUWellspring incorporates five elements (see Spiritual Direction in the third bullet) designed to balance a knowledge of UU history/theology with personal spiritual practice and engagement with the world:

  • A commitment to daily spiritual practice

  • Participation in small group community

  • Individual work with a spiritual director

  • Readings and resources for knowledge and reflection

  • Reflection and commitment to live our our values in the world

To learn more about UUWellspring, please visit UUWellspring.org. Follow this link to see the full Table of Contents of each of the programs. An initial session might begin with a review of the spiritual journey that first year UU Wellspring participants present, usually mid-October in their small group session.

For more information, use the contact page on the website, or email director@uuwellspring.org.

Although participants are welcome to contact any UUSDN Spiritual Director, the following Spiritual Directors have participated in a session to learn about UUWellspring.

Individual Spiritual Directors: Name/Year Authorized

Amy Beltaine '19

Amy Porter '19

Catharine Clarenbach '19

Clyde Grubbs '20

Darcey Laine '19

Dave Munro '19

Julie Amery '19

Jade Angelica '20

Joy Collins '19

Julie Amery '19

Laura Horton-Ludwig '19

Gretchen Meyer '19

Jonalu Johnstone '19

Karen Foley '19

Kate Raymond '19

Kathleen MoloneyTarr '19

Libby Moore '19

Penny Hackett-Evans '19

Rob Moore '19

Rudra Dundzila '19

Tina Simson '19

Arvid Straube '19

Karen Shawcross '19

Special Spiritual Direction Groups for 2020 UUWellspring

(Spiritual Directors, to be added to this list, watch video 1 and video 2 and then contact Jade Angelica, Amy Beltaine, or Darcey Laine.)