Buhite,Rev. Michelle Mudge

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205 Mapleview Rd Cheektowaga, NY | Zoom/phone


716-499-8343 | mbuhite@uuma.org


Haden Institute (at Mount Carmel, Ontario, CA), Sept 2020


Peer Supervision, Monthly

Philosophy of Spiritual Direction:

I call my approach "Reflective" spiritual direction, which includes the use of Runes, Tarot, Oracle cards, etc, as well as what I call "inner voice journaling." I have found these tools to be an important part of my own soul work, and offer them as an option to directees who may not respond to traditional approaches or assumptions regarding the sacred. I believe that every living being is connected to All That Is, and as we open ourselves to that connection, our inner voice (Deep Self) guides us to greater authenticity and into a deeper love.


Confirmed 9/22 MP