Dionna, Rev. Ellen

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Updated: 11/21

Dover, PA 17315 | Zoom, Phone | www.chalicespring.net

ellendionna@comcast.net | 17177813269

Silver Dove Interfaith Institute, 2005 (Carol Fournier, Williston VT )

Individual Supervision monthly, Peer Supervision monthly

Spiritual Companioning is a sacred Call. I had been a psychotherapist for over 15 years, having entered that profession from a spiritual perspective, including daily meditation, past-life work with clients, and my own spiritual development. I am a third generation UU, which provides grounding for my work with clients, and I bring a Jungian perspective with story and archetypes into my sessions, as well as work with drawing, imagery and poetry--the languages of the soul. I am an active shamanic practitioner, having studied in depth with Celtic and Native American teachers, including a two-year apprenticeship with an Amazonian shaman. I view the cosmos as a living, sentient organism, and all of creation the sacred expression of conscious creation. As Teilhard de Chardin said of God--"the diaphany of the divine at the heart of a universe on fire!" I help clients understand their own personal process within that diaphany--human spirituality as a dance with the Mystery!

Spiritual Directors International (sdiworld.org), UU Society for Community Ministries (uuscm.org)