Shawcross, Karen

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Philosophy of Spiritual Direction:

7951 SW 46th Ave. Portland, Oregon  | In person social distancing with masks /  Zoom / Phone

503-477-8368 |  

Urban Spirituality Center  (2018 )

Peer Monthly UU Wellspring: Approved 2021

In these dark and difficult days of isolation, injustice, illness and death, a spiritual companion may bring meaning, peace and comfort.  As your spiritual companion  I will create a sacred space to listen deeply, to ponder life's deepest questions with you, and to discover the holy in your  life.  I, too, am a traveler on the spiritual journey and hope to bring some elder wisdom to our time together.  In a safe and confidential space I hope to join in your story and, whatever symbol you use for the Divine, to explore beliefs and life experience as a soul listener who can help put into words what lies implicit or dormant at the ground of your being.  I also am a Certified Enneagram Coach with a belief that the enneagram is a trailhead to the journey to wilderness of the soul, so we can explore that further if it is of interest to you.  I believe that spiritual direction is a sacred trust between traveler and guide in the search for life's meaning. 


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