Pugh, Robin

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Langhorne, PA   | Zoom / Telephone


215-208-0021  |  robinmpugh@gmail.com  


Individual Supervision monthly, Peer Supervision monthly 

UU Wellspring: Approved 2021

Philosophy of Spiritual Direction:

I believe each of us has an inner light that gives us the guidance we need but is often obscured by inner and outer interference.  I provide a welcoming kind place for the shy soul to emerge. I invite you to meet with me and take a meaningful first step to finding wholeness and balance in your life, and a sense of connection with however you might refer to your higher power, spirit of life, the Universe, or that which connects us all.

  As a lifelong seeker, I honor all persons and all journeys. Though born and raised in the Catholic church, I have been a Unitarian Universalist for 30 years. During that time, I journeyed from agnostic to humanist to questioning, to theist. Each person’s spiritual journey is unique. I see spirit/ love/ /the divine in each of us and welcome the opportunity to support people from all faiths, in recovery, spiritual but not religious, interfaith and none. 


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