Dundzila, Rev. Rudra Vilius

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Peoples Church of Chicago, 941 W Lawrence Ave, Chicago, IL 60640  | Zoom/Telephone


773-593-7500  |  rdundzila@uuma.org  | No Website 


Loyola University of Chicago, Institute for Pastoral Studies (2002)


Peer- Monthly

UU Wellspring:

Approved  (2020)

Philosophy of Spiritual Direction:

Spiritual guidance companions seekers. They explore their inner spirit, those around them, and the mystery of life. It helps them connect to the source of all and express their commitment to the common good. My experience and training are in Unitarian Universalist, Earth-centered, Christian, Hindu, and Buddhist spiritual practices. I am trained/certified as a RYT-200 Hatha/Kundalini/Tantric Yoga teacher, Shanti Project Learning Immune Function Enhancement facilitator, and a trainee in the Mindfulness-Base Stress Reduction program. The later two programs companion people living with chronic illness; my work has focused on Gay men living with HIV/AIDS (I'm a Gay man, POZ since 1984). I serve as the Director of the Inter-Spiritual Guidance at Rowe training program (http://www.rowecenter.org/spiritual-guidance/). I am an ordained minister in both the Unitarian Universalist Association and United Church of Christ denominations. I am a Spiritual Director Supervisor. Om Shanti! 

Confirmed: 12/2023 - MP