Morrison, Jena

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2925 Rosemary Lane, Falls Church, VA 22042   | Zoom




Individual Supervision,  monthly

UU Wellspring: Approved (2023)

Philosophy of Spiritual Direction:

My Spiritual Direction is a contemplative practice that assists individuals in exploring their relationships with self, with others and with God. While true to my own contemplative Christian & Catholic faith, I offer Spiritual Direction to individuals from all faiths and practices. I believe every person has a divine center they can learn to connect to and live from—their True Self.

I companion people in a confidential and non-judgmental setting. I help my clients navigate their issues and the struggles of being human through a spiritual lens. ​Together we bring discernment and clarity into everyday life events, seeing things in new and fresh ways.

4 Spiritual truths I believe are at the core of every individual:

-You are worthy of Love and Belonging

-You are the Beloved Child of God

-Your True Self is fundamentally Good, Kind, Loving, and Wise

-You are needed in helping to Heal the World

I have spent 15 years helping people with their spiritual journeys. My work began in prisons and jails, teaching inmates about their divine center and the divine center in everyone. Today I work with incarcerated individuals and people imprisoned in their own minds.

I am a mother, a wife and a grandmother. I do spiritual direction in person and via Zoom.

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