Nelson, Linnea

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Greater Orlando, FL  | Zoom / Skype / FaceTime /Telephone / other online formats 


703-599-0877    |    |
First Pro-bono Session:  


Haden Spiritual Direction Institute  (2021)

Lucy Abbott Tucker's Supervision Course (2022)

Companioning Center: Spiritual Direction with Children and Youth (2021)


Peer Supervision, monthly;
Supervised Small Group, monthly;
Peer Supervision Practicum

UU Wellspring: Approved (2020)

Philosophy of Spiritual Direction:

Your spiritual journey will be the focus of our sessions. We will use your stories, experiences and wonderings to explore who you are and your connection to the divine through:

The focus of my spiritual companioning  is with Unitarian Universalists and those without a religious home. My deep engagement with UU Wellspring,  a yearlong spiritual deepening program and my thirty years as a Unitarian Universalist have led me to work closely with religious educators (I am a former President of LREDA). Although most of my practice is with adults, I also have specialized training and provide spiritual direction for children and youth.  I also have experience and welcome companioning  people who identify as being from a marginalized community, such as LGBTQ, elders, teens, and  people of color.

Please let this video serve as an initial introduction: 

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