Revill, Jennifer

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30 East Street, Middleton, MA 01949  | Zoom 


978 - 335 - 7335  |  |


Peer Supervision, monthly


UU Wellspring: 

Approved (2023) 

Philosophy of Spiritual Direction:

I believe that all people are spiritual beings. Some of us find spiritual homes within the beliefs and practices of traditional religious faiths; others may reject traditional religion, preferring to create their own spiritual paths. Still, whether we choose to articulate the need or not, we are all yearning for a deep connection with something sacred, something greater than we are.

My personal experiences and life-long interest in the life of Spirit in individuals and communities guides my practice. My calling is to help individuals see and nurture their one-on-one relationships with the Greater in whatever way is truest for them. Whether through connection to nature, artistic practices, interpersonal relationships, or mystical experiences, I believe each of us deserves to be supported and empowered to discern our unique spiritual journey.

I welcome clients with a diversity of personal and religious experiences and backgrounds. I am particularly interested in the spirituality of non-religiously-affiliated people, and in the potential for discovering spirituality in the public realm and in unexpected and secular venues. 

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