Strickland, Rev. Todd

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(Address Available upon Request)| Denver, CO Zoom / Telephone


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Individual Supervision monthly 


Philosophy of Spiritual Direction:

I am a spiritual director with the ability to specialize in addictions. In all my professional work, I use client-centered practices where the growth potential of a person will tend to be released when the spiritual director communicates genuineness, caring, unconditional positive regard, and a deeply sensitive, non-judgmental understanding. I have used this approach for more than 20 years as an ordained minister including six years as a hospital chaplain and addictions chaplain.

As an Addictions Counselor, I work with clients to set achievable goals, develop tools for dealing with triggers, and find support to help them through the cycles of long-term recovery. I work with clients to explore how spirituality as a whole life experience, whether in a theist or humanist frame or something in between, can support their recovery. I also work with clients who are using 12 step programs where the concept of a Higher Power may be a new or alienating concept to them in early recovery.

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