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(Address Available upon Request ) Carrollton, TX   | Skype / Zoom


(334) 524-0296 |  |


Peer supervision monthly

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Approved  (2023)

Philosophy of Spiritual Direction:

Sometimes the right question at the right time can lead to self-discovery and finding what is sacred and holy within us and the world at large, helping you connect with the Ground of Being within you and access the wisdom that is your birthright as a human. 

I love working with seekers of any or no religion, those who believe in one god, many gods, no gods, or aren’t sure, as well as LGBTQIA+ folks and those with mental health challenges. 

My own spiritual journey has taken me through Christian, Buddhist, Humanist, Shinto, and Pagan paths to arrive at an interspiritual way of seeing the world. My sense of spirituality comes from Earth-centered and eco-spiritual traditions. 

I am trained in dream work, biospiritual focusing, labyrinth work, eco-spiritual direction, congregational spirituality, and group spiritual direction and love incorporating these modalities into my work as a spiritual companion.


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