Clarkson, Tracey

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Philosophy of Spiritual Direction:   | 603-828-7999   | 

Portsmouth, NH | Skype/Zoom/FaceTime/Google Duo 

Haden Institute, NC (2019), 

Peer and Individual alternating, monthly UU Wellspring: Approved 2020

Drawing on the wisdom of many faith traditions and spiritual paths, Spiritual Direction has at its core the simple act of deep and compassionate listening. My training at the Haden Institute in NC, in both Spiritual Direction and Dream Work was steeped in a combination of Jungian psychology and Christian mysticism. It introduced me to a number of gifted teachers from a wide range of backgrounds and spiritual traditions, and equipped me for doing this  holy work of helping companion those who are seeking more depth and meaning in their lives. My work is grounded in the belief that our deepest and truest Self, our ‘soulprint,’ is always within us, longing to find its way into being in the world. 


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