Hackett-Evans, Rev.Penny 

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1163 Oakmont Dr. #4 Walnut Creek, CA 94595  |  Zoom / Telephone   


248 877-8131  | evansph2@gmail.com  | www.Pennyhackettevans.com 


Monthly professionally-facilitated peer group 

Payment Notes:

UU Wellspring

sliding scale. $30 - $100 per session 

Approved 2019

Philosophy of Spiritual Direction: 

Spiritual Direction is not really about being “directed”. Rather it is about being encouraged to draw closer to that deepest part of you that yearns for something that is sometimes unnamable. It is a journey that we undertake together to discern the ways in which your deepest life is calling to you. It may involve silence, journal writing, meditation, prayer, looking at your dreams, considering poetry or other external sources that call to your spirit. It will involve gentle conversation about what matters most to you in this moment. It is about finding deep meaning. 

Updated  5/5/2022 KTE