Grigolia, Rev. Mary

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12550 Lake Ave., Apt 412  Lakewood, OH 44107 | Zoom, Skype, FaceTime, phone 


 216-402-3438 | |



supervised peer group, monthly UU Wellspring: Approved (2023) 


I think of the spiritual director as a catalyst to support you in opening to your deepest wisest Self, the evolutionary impulse creating through you. 

I draw on integral spirituality's stages of consciousness and states of awareness, to support you in awakening, understanding and integrating unresolved issues. 

I draw from yoga, Jin Shin Jyutsu (acupressure) and Qigong, NeuroSpirituality, the One Dharma approach to Buddhism, Loving Kindness and Four Circles of Awareness (body, heart, mind and spirit). Your spiritual direction with me may incorporate guided meditation and silence, reflection and dreamwork, story telling and prayer, art and energy work, chanting and singing.  


UUMA, SDI (Spiritual Directors International)

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