Ellis, Kathleen Rev.

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(available on request), Austin, TX | Skype/Zoom/telephone


kathleenellis2600@gmail.com | 512-567-2115 | http://www.heartblessings.org



Individual, monthly

Payment Notes:

sliding scale

Philosophy of Spiritual Direction:

This is a listening ministry in which we both listen to the ways you are touched by the holy. You may have had “wow” moments and/or a gradual unfolding of spiritual formation and growth. If you’re new to this, we might explore possible spiritual practices that center you. You may already be pursuing your enneagram type, dream work, or meditation. Your life may be in transition or you might feel stuck. Your inner wisdom knows what you need; I serve as a megaphone to amplify what I hear from you and from the divine spark that resides in us all and connects us to the cosmos.

A typical session has a chalice lighting, reading, period of silence, your speaking of what's on your heart, questions for consideration, final thoughts, closing prayer.

I was ordained in 1993 and served UU congregations in Texas and consulted elsewhere. Spiritual Direction is my favorite slice of ministry


UUMA, UUSCM, Spiritual Directors International, Austin Area Spiritual Directors Community

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