McGuire, Karen Buttles

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Columbus, Ohio | Zoom/Facetime/Skype/Phone



The Wellstreams Program for Spiritual Formation and Training in the Art of Spiritual Direction (2019)



Individual  Supervision, monthly

Philosophy of Spiritual Direction:

As an Interspiritual Companion I provide a safe, non-judgmental and accepting space for you to be yourself and to tell your stories, to be really seen, to experience deep listening.  In that sacred space, you can move closer to what gives meaning to your life, uncover answers to what has had you stuck, discover a path through a difficult life experience, free the wild possibilities within you, or transform your way of being in the world.  We all are faced with that journey in our lives and it’s easier to take it with a supportive companion.  I’ll be honored to companion you on your journey of self-discovery, not by directing but by listening, noticing and reflecting back so that you can discover who you can be.

I am a believer in love, mystery and the possibility that we can all deeply listen to what is stirring within ourselves and make meaning of it.  I am spiritually independent.  I seek wisdom and inspiration from many sources, wisdom that has the capacity to increase compassion and reveals the unity and interdependence of all.  

Wellsprings has been a meaningful part of my personal journey.  I was a participant and then facilitated a group the following year.  That rich experience led to my decision to train as an Interspiritual Companion. 

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