Angelica, Rev. Dr. Jade 

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Available upon request,  Dubuque, Iowa 52001 | Phone, Skype, Zoom |


563-582-4724 (not a cell phone)  | 


Peer and individual alternating, monthly UU Wellspring:  Approved (2020)


Offering spiritual direction to individuals and groups since 2005, my practice follows the classical tradition of the early desert mothers and fathers, who began their deliberate quest for the Divine in the second and third centuries in the deserts of Egypt.  They believed that the path to knowing God is through self-discovery, that enlightenment is within us, and that identifying our passions, attachments, desires, and motivations will help to clear away obstacles and fears as we journey on. Walking together through the unknown, we open our hearts to recognizing, responding to, and trusting the benevolent energy from the source of life.

Through careful, caring listening, my desire is to guide seekers toward deepening awareness of, and love for themselves, others, and the God of each seeker’s understanding. 


UUMA, UUSCM, SDI (Spiritual Directors International)

Updated: 11/2023 - MP