Pomerantz, Rev.Patti

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Address available on request Portland, OR | pattipomerantz.com | Phone, Zoom, Facetime, What's App


ppomerantz@uuma.org | 503-481-9635


Earlham School of Religion (2003) http://ear.earlham.edu/


Individual Supervision monthly

Philosophy of Spiritual Direction:

Spiritual Direction is about finding your connection to the sacred Other, however you describe that aspect of your knowing. This knowing rests in your heart as well as your head – and needs language to integrate that knowing into your everyday life. I walk with you as you step out of busy routines to take time to listen to your own soul talk. As I sit with you, I look for the confluence of the stories you bring and the influence of spirit. There is often laughter, sometimes tears and if we are well matched – connection. I invite you to find new ways to communicate with yourself as well as the broader world.

I especially welcome those who find themselves either on the cusp of a particular religious belief, who are exploring other religions, or who identify as ‘spiritual, but not religious’. I am involved with UU Addictions ministry, the LBGTQ and the caregiver communities.



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