Mooney, Rev. Karen

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8241 Concord Dr  Bull Valley, IL   | Zoom


773-241-4836   |   | 


Claret Center , Chicago IL (2018) 


supervised peer monthly, periodic individual


Venmo - @Mooney-Karen

Philosophy of Spiritual Direction:

Spiritual direction is about asking questions that allow an individual the opportunity to speak what is truly on their heart and mind. The blessings of Spiritual direction come from showing up and being truthful about wants and needs. Honesty and reflection allows space to make choices in life that are based on values and internal wisdom. 

Karen Mooney is a Unitarian Universalist minister and spiritual director.  Her ministry is defined by engaging creative space with intuition and courage. She meets with people to listen for the innate wisdom of their own lives and faith. Karen affirms that wisdom is always available in our lives, we simply need reminders to slow down and listen from time to time.  Karen also works as a community organizer for the UU Advocacy Network of IL. UUANI's mission is to advocate for justice and equity in our communities through legislative measures and mutual aid.  She counts herself a seeker, exploring faith and G-d, seeing presence in the many faces spirit shows in the world.  Karen loves rituals and messages from many faith traditions and has had the honor of serving as an intern with Episcopalians under Rev. Brian Hastings along with a UU congregation while discerning her call into ministry. She studied spiritual direction at the Claret Center in Chicago (Hyde Park) IL. 

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