Moore, Libby Rev.

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Address available on request, Rochester NY | Zoom/Facetime/Skype


585-315-7015 | |


Group, Monthly

Philosophy of spiritual Direction:

I believe that all of us are, in some way, searching for connection with something larger than ourselves. As a life-long UU and an interfaith minister, I accept and honor the myriad ways we approach spiritual questions. There are many ways of encountering the holy, and I trust in each person's innate wisdom to find the answers to their own deep questions. In spiritual counseling, my role is to create a safe space, to listen, to be a companion on the journey, to help people open to deeper ways of seeing their lives and experiencing the holy. It is a gift to be able to sit with others, in person or by video connection, as they search for their own answers.


Updated 10/20 AKB