Moore, Nan

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USA 774-487-2384 | Scotland 07932-636217 | | Skpye, phone, in person, Telegram face time (international)
In USA June -December | In Scotland December-June


USA 774-487-2384 | Scotland 07932-636217 | |


Rowe Center (2019)


Group, Monthly

Philosophy of spiritual Direction:

Nan’s Philosophy of Spiritual Direction and Guidance:

Spiritual Direction begins within.

The relationship with Self is a discovery.

Spiritual insights emerge when we articulate our sensing story, in feelings, words, dreams or


Our spiritual lives can come alive through storytelling with the presence of a skilled attentive

listener (Spiritual Director).

Mindfulness is....a spiritual practice to quiet the mind.

Heartfulness is....a spiritual practice to awaken the heart.

Your spiritual origin story is the vehicle to access Heartfulness with Mindfulness.


Addiction including family members of someone dependent on substances

12 Step Recovery support (25 years experience)

Spiritual inquiry at end of life, and Spiritual support for those companioning a loved one at end

of life (hospice and pediatric palliative care experience)

Knowing grief as a visitor

Celebrating life

Spiritual Direction for Religious Educators (18 years experience as a DRE)

Relational connection with Angelic Companions and Guides

Earth Wisdom spirituality and co-living for healing

Spiritual journey for those with diverse learning abilities

Spiritual inquiry as it relates to personal reflection around white privilege and white superiority

Arts and Spirituality such as: Story Boxes, Vision Boxes, Soul Collages, Mapping a Spiritual

Path, Mandalas, Touch Drawings and more


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