Nielsen, Rev. Jan K.

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Available on Request | Zoom / Telephone |

The Spiritual Life Center, West Hartford, CT , Certificate in Spiritual Direction (2014) 

The Spiritual Life Center, West Hartford, CT, Certificate in Supervision (2014)

Spiritual Directors International, Spiritual Direction Supervision with Lucy Abbott Tucker (2024)

Peer and Individual Supervision alternating monthly

Philosophy of Spiritual Direction

Spiritual Direction is a relationship, a practice of soul companionship. As your spiritual director, or companion, I offer neither answers nor advice, but the hospitality of deep listening, to make room for you to hear your own inner wisdom and to see the movement of God or the Spirit in your life. I strive to meet you where you are on your journey and walk with you on your path toward deepening your relationship that which is larger, that you might know the freedom to find meaning in your journey, to live with authenticity and integrity and, even when life is hard, to live with love and peace in your heart. 


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