Cox, Rev. Cathleen

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Available Upon Request | Zoom, Telephone



Individual supervision, monthly

Philosophy of Spiritual Direction:

You deserve to thrive! Consider: in every moment you are under the influence of something - some story, some thought/feeling combination that is determining your experience and your sense of the possibilities now. What is guiding you? Are you in touch with your Essence, your Inner Being and the river of Source Energy constantly following to and through you - inspiring, enlivening and empowering you? Are you open to discovering that?

Every culture in the history of the world with the exception of the post-Industrial West has believed that there is a conscious, non-physical reality creating, upholding and infusing our physical reality, with which it is possible to be in relationship.The foundation of the spiritual companioning I offer is my lived experience that it is fully possible to cultivate such an active, intuitively guided relationship with Presence and that centering in that relationship changes everything. It brings about both a new experience of meaning and wholeness internally, no matter external circumstances, and opens up new possibilities externally for creative, life-changing engagement with the world. Our work together in spiritual direction is to discover the ways in which the obstacles that appear on your path serve as opportunities for awakening - and to cultivate the concrete spiritual practices that will support you in aligning with the flow of Source as it uniquely guides you in becoming, and living as, your most authentic self. This is the Path of Joy!

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