Douglas, Sophia

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Portland, OR  |  Zoom  / Telephone


 503-720-5115  |



Peer Supervision, monthly

Spiritual Direction Philosophy:

My approach is interactive. You bring your curiosity, your creative spark, the questions you ponder and your aspirations. I join you with my capacity for deep listening and reflective presence. 

Perhaps you want to clarify your purpose. Maybe you need to recover peace and resilience to cope with change. You might wish to cultivate new practices as you let go of what no longer serves you. 

In the context of Wellspring, and for any spiritual inquiry, I serve as compassionate guide at those junctures where you seek deeper meaning, want to discern a new direction, reframe your personal narrative. I understand the searching questions and sometimes frankly skeptical attitude of the spiritually independent seeker. You are likely curious and no doubt open to broad-ranging points of view. My own path draws on an eclectic body of interfaith perspectives and healing practices.


 UUSCMSDI (Spiritual Directors International)

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