Horvath-Lucid, Mel

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Waterloo, Ontario | Zoom / Skype/ Telephone / Teams / Whatsapp

519-722-7119   | mhorvathlucid@gmail.com | www.studiosoul.ca

Peer and Individual alternating, monthly

There is so much potential in you, so many ways your life can blossom. Without attention to your inner world, to your inspiration, to your own life force, and examination of the experiences that form our beliefs,  this existence can feel drab, empty, or even pointless.

There are so many paths to wholeness, and the focus becomes exploring what yours is.  Through deep reflective listening, space to reflect on all aspects of you, conscious and unconscious, I provide loving presence, and open space for you to meet yourself and explore who you are really are.  My specializations include working with folks looking to integrate an aspect of themselves with their spirituality and worldview.  I specialize in LGBTIQA2+, youth and non-traditional relationship dynamics including Ethical non-monogamy.


Created 2/2023- MP