Cuyler, Anna

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Philosphy of Spiritual Direction:

Available Upon Request  | Zoom  | 585-880-3922   |

Spiritual Guidance Training Institute (SGTI) -- 2020 

Supervised Small Group, monthly UU Wellspring: Approved (2020)

"Spiritually Independent" characterizes who I have been for much of my life. Not surprisingly, people who are drawn to me for spiritual guidance largely fit this description or lean toward a progressive or liberal approach to their spirituality. What attracts them, I feel, is the inter-spiritual focus I bring to my interactions with seekers. Spiritual guidance nurtures a person’s connection to a Higher Power (whatever that is perceived to be) so that one receives greater clarity regarding the meaning, direction, and impact of his, her, or their life. As a spiritual director, I bring the gifts of deep listening, reflective questions, and guided practices and activities to the process of helping seekers make the connection to something larger than themselves. This can happen with guidance that is delivered individually or in a group, in person or in a virtual setting. Whatever the means, I am honored and humbled to bear witness to spiritual growth that transforms people’s lives.