Mason, Rev. Dr. Kelly Murphy

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Address available upon request   Boston, MA | FaceTime, Skype, Zoom  


347-497-3741  | | |   


Hesychia School of Spiritual Direction plus Phoenix Center for Spiritual Direction Apprenticeship Program (2022)

 Supervision: Lucy Abbot Tucker training through SDI (2022)


Payment Notes:

Individual Supervision monthly 

$85-$165 for individual sessions; $45-$55 for group spiritual direction 


UU Wellspring:

Small-group spiritual direction; training in the Evocative Method 

Approved (2022)

Philosophy of Spiritual Direction:

Over the years, I gained extensive experience providing spiritual care to seekers and believers alike. My contemplative approach is profoundly influenced by insights from the Desert Elders. Since my ordination in 2006, I have worked in congregational as well as community ministry. I am an Interim Religious Professional, yoga instructor, certified pastoral counselor, and psychotherapist. In 2022, after training as a spiritual director, I became Community Minister for Spiritual Direction at Arlington St. Church in Boston. Wisdom from Christian, Jewish, Vedic, Taoist, and Transcendentalist traditions are all illuminating for me. I have an affinity for those from multifaith backgrounds, being interspiritual myself. I feel a special call to offer helping professionals spiritual support. “Wisdom is so kind and wise that wherever you may look,” Catherine of Siena said, “you can learn something about God.” Let’s watch for what the Sacred/Eternal/Divine has to teach us now, with eyes wide open. 


UUSCM, SDI, Society for Spirituality & Social Work 

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