Moldenhauer-Salazar, Rev. Sarah

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Oakland, California | Zoom and phone by appointment 



Cherry Hill Spiritual Direction Certification Program (2023)
Additional trainings, mentoring, and practice (Prior 2020)
SDI Supervision Training with Lucy Abbot Tucker (2022)


Supervised small group monthly

Philosophy of Spiritual Direction:

Because people’s capacity for love, growth, courage, and connection expands when they feel safe enough to be their whole and real selves, I provide compassionate listening, conversation, guided meditation, and silence, to support people in exploring their authentic being, their highest values, and their deepest truths. In a trauma-sensitive way we will explore that which supports, and that which disrupts, your connection to the sacred that dwells within and beyond you. 

I provide both spiritual direction and spiritual direction supervision and specialize in working with Unitarian Universalist (UU) ministers and spiritual leaders. Since 2003, I’ve served in ordained UU ministry--parish and community. I began offering spiritual direction in 2016. I have a Masters in psychology, a Masters of Divinity, a Doctorate of Ministry, and am a certified Depth Hypnosis practitioner and hypnotherapist. My spiritual direction training is grounded in Buddhism, earth-based traditions, and psychology. 

Over 2 decades of leading groups in spiritual centering, deep listening, and personal sharing exploring the sacred.

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