Horton-Ludwig, Rev. Laura

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(Address Available Upon Request) Williamsburg, VA 23188 | Zoom / Telephone 


703-282-8060 | laura@laurahortonludwig.com | https://laurahortonludwig.com/



Monthly peer group UU Wellspring: Approved (2019)


Do you ever wish you could have a fuller, more joyful life, on both the inside and the outside? I believe that’s possible for everyone, including you.

On the inside, you can grow a loving, supportive connection with your deepest, wisest self. Spiritual direction can help you listen to your soul, and to the voice of the divine, if those words resonate with you. Or call it this: the part of you that feels awe, and loves deeply, and wonders about why the world is so hard sometimes, and reaches out for connection to something bigger than yourself.

Then, on the outside, you can align your entire life with that deepest, wisest part of you. This often means making some changes, but you always get to decide whether, what, how, and when, so that you can show up in your relationships, work, and everywhere else as the person you really are, at ease in your life and happy to be yourself. 

If you’re looking for support on this journey, let’s explore how we can work together!


UUMA, SDI (Spiritual Directors International)

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