Hirshberg, Rev. Craig (she/her/hers) 

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  470 Inverness Circle, Easton, PA. 18042 | Zoom / Telephone


908 - 377 - 3034  |  craighirshberg@gmail.com 


Shalem Institute for Spiritual Formation (2006)

Rowe Center (2018) UU Wellspring: Approved (2023)


Peer supervision, monthly 

Philosophy of Spiritual Direction:

I've been a spiritual director for sixteen years. Spiritual Direction for me is a companioning practice based on deep listening and is more client directed, meaning that rather than a set curriculum, I focus on where an individual is and begin with his/her/their questions.   I come from a strong UU and Buddhist background, and have expanded definitions of all things spiritual. In my spiritual companioning, I often incorporate meditation, interactive imagery, guided meditation, art, journaling and other practices as needed or requested. (My name may be deceiving, I am female).

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