Web Maintenance

To edit a page:

1. Navigate to the page (as normal, click on the tab at the top or the link at the bottom. You may need to go to the directory page, then click on the person, to get to a person's page.)

NOTE: people whose pages have not been done yet will take you to the OLD (white) site, see "To Move Data..." below.

2. Click the Pencil button (top right) (If the pencil button is NOT visible: a) scroll to the bottom. b) click the LogIn link at the left side of the list of links. c) enter your gmail ID and password and accept them.)

WHEN YOU SEE the "Insert Format Table Layout" menus, YOU ARE IN EDITING MODE! This is the starting point for most other actions.

3. Click to place the cursor, drag to select text, etc. as you would in MS Word. (MS Word skills are VERY helpful, for instance, placing text in table cells, which is tricky, is a skill you can hone in MS Word.)

NB do NOT try to navigate to another page in this site until you are DONE with your edits to this page.

4. Click the Save button (where the pencil used to be) to save and exit edit mode.

To find a page that you haven't created a link to yet

OUT of editing mode

1. More menu, Manage Site

2. Pages

3. plus sign beside "home"

4. plus sign next to "alpha directory"

5. click on the person whose page you need

To place a picture:

Three Steps A) upload image and B) Get the address onto your clipboard and C) place it on the page.

A) Upload the image

1. navigate to the web page where the images are located (from the home page, the images link is at the bottom.)

2. Choose Images

3. Click Add File+

4. Navigate Mac finder/Windows explorer to select the picture file (It has to already be ON YOUR COMPUTER. Picture files for the UUSDN web site should be .jpg files and profile page photos should be close to 135pX203p (1"x2") size or under 100K. Profile page photos should be named lastname_firstname.jpg.) Click OK to upload it.

You will see it on the list of files (alphabetically listed.)

B) get the image address onto your clipboard

1. Go images page, find the image name

2. Click the View link below the file name to open it in a new window.

3. Highlight the contents of the address bar to select the web address for that image, choose copy (control C). (You can triple-click the address bar to select the whole thing, or drag to highlight the whole thing.)

4. Close the window that contains the image.

C) Place it (display it) on the page.

1. Go to editing mode for the page where you wish to display the image.

2. Click in the location where you want the image. (double-click the word "picture" if you have a placeholder there)

3. Choose Insert from the menu bar, choose image from the menu, choose "Web Address" from the choices on the dialog box.

4. Click in the address field in the dialog box and choose paste.

5. Click OK

6. If it is a directory-page photo: Click "small" (the smaller of the three size boxes) to size the photo to be consistent with all other profile photos.

7. If necessary click the center option to center the photo.

8. Save the page.

To move data from the old web site to the new one:

Four steps A) Create a blank page for the person (and prefill it) and B) correct the link so that it points to the new page instead of the old web site and C) Place the photo and D) transfer the data. and E) activate links (see step, below for "How to add a link")


1. Double check that there isn't a page for the person already (Click on the link for the person from the Alpha directory page. If it takes you to a blue page, they have one. If it takes you to a white page, they do not.)

2. ON the Alphabetical directory page. Go to someone who DOES have a good page. Click the pencil. Select the contents. Copy.

3. ON the alphabetical Directory page. Click New Page (it is a button next to the pencil button.)

3. Name it 'Lastname, Firstname'. If necessary, indicate that it should be listed "under" the Alphabetical Directory page.

4. Click OK

5. Paste

6. Clear the incorrect data (Triple-click to highlight the info, then type to replace the photo with "pastehere". You are creating placeholders so that it will be easy to get the data into the right spots later. NOTE: you want to maintain the LABELS in column 1 and the DATA in column 2. Click on the data to SEE the boxes for the columns.)

7. Click Save

8. On the More menu, Choose Page Settings (more menu is third button by the pencil)

a. UNCHECK "Links", "Attachments", "Comments"

b. Leave "show page title" checked and "show in sidebar" unchecked.

b. Click Save.


1. On the directory page, click on the person's link to OPEN the old site (white) page.

2. HIghlight the text.

3. (on windows) Open NotePad. (from the windows menu, applications...)

4. Paste (the formatting should disappear... no red, no bold, etc.) You will need this for step D.

5. Go back to the NEW (blue) site. Navigate to the alpha directory page.

6. Click the pencil to edit.

7. Click the link (the person's name), a floating bar should appear below it.

8. Click Change link

9. Click Sites Page

10. Click Plus sign by "home" (if needed to see stuff below)

11. Click Plus sign by "alpha directory" (if needed to see stuff below)

12. Click to highlight the person

13. Click OK

14. Click Save

(click on the name,


1. If the photo is in your email or on the old website, rightclick it to download it to your computer.

2. CHANGE THE NAME so that it is LastnameFirstname.jpg

3. NOTE where you put it so you can find it later!

4. Follow the directions above for "To Place a Picture..." except for step B2, double-click to highlight the word "picture".


YOU SHOULD HAVE the person's old site page OPEN, or COPIED into a text document before doing this step. See step B.

1. Navigate to the directory page.

2. Click on the person's name. (should open in the NEW site to a page with placeholders. As you left it in step B and C.)

3. Bring the text file to the front, double-click to highlight the line of data (name)

4. Bring the web page (Blue site) to the front, Double-click to highlight the placeholder (name). Paste.

5. Repeat steps 3 and 4

NOTE: Make sure that when you double-click to highlight a placeholder you are in column 2 of the two columns on the page.

NOTE: When you double-click the highlight a line of text you should get only one line at a time. Grabbing two lines may cause the web page to create a third column to the right of column 2.

NOTE: To highlight a paragraph (that's not multiple lines, broken with paragraph breaks. It is one paragraph that flows several lines deep WITHOUT line breaks. You can tell that it does this by squishing the size of the window. It will reflow to adjust to the new size. Lines with paragraph breaks do not change where they break when you change the window size.) you can triple-click or click-drag to highlight the whole thing.

To add a link:


option A for something that is spelled out as a web address. option B for something in plain English

A. it's already an address

1. Highlight the link

2. Insert, Link from the menu, the link will be a clickable link right away.

3. Click on the link to activate a floating menu.

4. Click Change Link on the floating menu

5. Click the box for “open link in new window”

6. Click OK

7. Click Save


B. it's just some words, not an address

1. find out the web address (e.g. uuma.org)

2. highlight the text to be turned into a link. (Unitarian Universalist Ministers association)

3. Insert, Link from the menu

4. Type the web address into the dialog box field

5. Click "open in new window"

6. OK

7. Save

8. TEST IT! It should open a NEW window with the linked web address. (if not, go back into editing mode, click the link, then click Change link to check for corrections.)

To add a quote:


Required Fields for Profile pages:

a Name

b address

c telephone

d website (opt)

e email address

f skype address (opt)

g training organization/program (date graduated/completed)

h supervision plan

i description of your practice/philosophy...