Todor, Nina

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325 W Upper Ferry Rd Apt F16 Ewing, NJ | Zoom, Skype, Facetime, Phone | 856-986-7423 |

Oasis Ministries for SD- 2015-2017 plus Deepening Year

Monthly Peer Supervision Group

My philosophy of spiritual direction/companioning is to be with a person as they go through transitions and discoveries in their lives. I believe we need the presence of another soul to accompany us as we struggle to make sense, as much as we can, of our journey on this earth.

If we take the time to go within ourselves and explore what lies within, it is good to have someone to help reflect what we discover.

I love working with dreams to discover what lies within, especially in dream groups. I like working with groups and feel that the whole group can see different aspects of a person's story as it unfolds.


Updated: 9/20 AKB