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Johnstone, Jonalu Rev.

1101 NW 29th St.
Oklahoma City, OK  73106-5414 

E-mail:  jjohnstone@uuma.org
Website: none
Training: HeartPaths Spiritual Centre http://www.heartpathstraining.com [2010}
Supervision: Weekly peer group. Individual spiritual direction.
Member: Unitarian Universalist Ministers' Association
Liberal Religious Educators Association
Description: My own practice is shaped by a lifetime of exploring different spiritual paths. I have studied with a Wiccan priestess, practiced Tai Chi for more than a decade, and increasingly found the resonance of the life and thoughts of Jesus, returning to the narrative and inspirations of my childhood. My ideas of God are steeped in process theology, so I see the movement of God everytwhere. in spiritual direction my hope is to hekp others connect to this movement, by whatever name they call it.