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Idzik, Susie



3540 Louis Road
Palo Alto, CA 94303 

E-mail: susie@thisspiritedlife.com
Website: http://thisspiritedlife.com
Training: Interfaith Spiritual Direction at the Chaplaincy Institute http://www.chaplaincyinstitute.org [2010]
Supervision: Monthly peer group.
Member: Unitarian Universalist Society for Community Ministers
Description: This Spirited Life - living a life of intention and spirit. I offer spiritual direction to those who might describe themselves as "spiritual but not reigious." I work on-on-one with people through deep conversation as they walk an intentional journey to explore their lives. I support men and women, young and old as they go from feeling muddled in life to experiencing clarity. I am available for phone sessions as well as in person.