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Beyer-Nelson, Kimberly

Location:292 Madrona Way, Apartment C
Bainbridge Island, WA 98110
Phone:206 201-3680
E-mail: kbeyernelson@hotmail.com
Training:Independent Study with Rev. Dr. Jane Vennard at the Iliff School of Theology, workshops with Margaret Guenther in Denver, Colorado and one year work with Contemplative Outreach in Denver, CO. I will finish my ministerial degree with One Spirit in New York in 2011, with an emphasis in Adult Spirituality.
Supervision: I am currently working with a Christian Sufi group in the Seattle area as my primary prayer and dream interpretation vehicle; indeed they have created a lovely model of group spiritual direction. I anticipate one-on-one work with a spiritual director as soon as I get to know the souls in this part of the country.
Member:Spiritual Directors International
Liberal Religious Educators Association, Unitarian Universalist
Description:I tend to be a very contemplative spiritual director, utilizing my strong background not only in Centering Prayer, but also in the Tibetan practices of shamatha and tonglen. I am influenced by the writings of Margaret Guenther, Thomas Merton and Cynthia Borgeault, all who counsel a light-handed mindful spirit in this work. Contemplative retreats, journaling, fiber art as meditation and Lectio Divina are also special skills that I enjoy sharing with others, and I actively walk the labyrinth at least once a month. I offer Reiki within my spiritual direction practice as well as specific qigong movements and yoga asanas when appropriate. Perhaps this poem captures best how I respond to the mystery of this spiritual direction relationship, especially this central question of "who are you?"
Whether we fall or rise,
sleep in or race to the office,
craft the painting in slow brushstrokes,
or gaze at the ultrasound machine and needle,
Who Are We?
If we step off the cliff,
or if we step back;
if we ride the flood,
or hunker by the river bank;
Do you not know?
Can you not feel it?
Take your inner Teacher's hand,
bring it to your lips.
There, in that perfect space between
skin and skin,
Who Are You?